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About Debbie Winkelman

     Debbie has been my office manager for over a year now.  She is a native of New Mexico and has lived in Prescott for 20 years.  I am indebted to Debbie for her dedication to ensuring constant, smooth communication with all of my clients, and their families, when I am in court.  

     I am an Arizona native and have practiced law since 1997.  I moved back to Prescott, Arizona a little over three years ago and opened my own firm after practicing in New York for almost four years with Kindlon Shanks and Associates in upstate New York.  In New York, my practice was primarily focused on felony criminal defense, with an emphasis on assisting New Yorkers with various Second Amendment rights issues.  I also handled a wide array of administrative matters and a limited number of select personal injury cases.

     I previously worked as a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, the City of Phoenix Prosecutor's Office, and the Yavapai County Attorney's Office for over twelve years prosecuting almost every type of felony, misdemeanor and traffic offense. I represented the City of Phoenix before the Arizona Liquor Board for four years.  Prior to becoming an attorney, I conducted financial investigations for six years for the Arizona Office of the Attorney General and then the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

     I believe my combination of experiences as a defense attorney, civil and administrative practitioner, prosecutor, and investigator provide me with invaluable insights to assist my clients with their cases.  I appreciate that even the most trivial case may have far reaching implications and is of the utmost importance to my clients' lives and livelihood.  

     I look forward to meeting you and assisting with your legal issue.



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